Friday, 1 January 2010

The Walker Family best days from 2009

The end of another eventful year is here, so I have decided to write a blog about what I think are the best 5 days from 2009 for the Walker family.

1. The arrival of Oliver on a very hot day in June

Obvious, I know, but it was definitely the best day of the year. Harry’s birth was very traumatic, but the experience with Oliver was completely different and was actually a really wonderful experience. The short hand version of events was that I laboured at home for a couple of hours and managed fairly comfortably, then midway through Luke making a sandwich I said 'we have to go to hospital right now’ and luckily we did leave straight away as after 1 hour and 40 minutes Oliver was born completely naturally, it was amazing. Oliver was born straight into my arms and didn’t cry for a few minutes, he was absolutely gorgeous. As everything had gone really well the midwife allowed us to go home that afternoon. So we were back home having tea only 6 hours after we had left to go to hospital.

2. A day on the beach, September


In September we took the boys on holiday to Poole in Dorset and had a fantastic time, but one day stood out to me, probably because the weather was so great! We had an apartment in walking distance of the beach and when we woke up to beautiful sunshine we packed up all the beach things, baby paraphernalia and our lunch into the twin pram and went off for the day. We just played all day with Harry building sandcastles, making tunnels for his cars, paddling in the sea and best of all both boys slept in the pram for two hours at the same time so Luke and I had a chance to relax a little. As Ollie was only 8 weeks old we really welcomed the break and were able to lay next to each other in the sun eating ice-cream, bliss.

3. A day we spent at the farm, April

It was lambing season and we decided to take Harry to Brocketts farm to see the baby lambs, this was a couple of months before Ollie arrived and we were making the most of having just one child. Harry loved seeing all the baby lambs but his favourite animals were the horses. He particularly like the horses in the stables and insisted on us lifting him up so he could say ‘be bo horse'.

4. Picnic in Windsor Great Park, August

It was an impromptu visit to Windsor to really do some shopping but when we arrived we decided to ditch shopping and go and play in the park. We stopped to get supplies for a picnic and spent the rest of the day playing and laying about on our picnic blanket. I remember we had massive Ben and Jerry’s chocolate ice-creams in the afternoon.

5. This is a joint 5th place between:

A lovely hot day in August we spent in our back garden with Harry's Godmother, Emma-Louise. Emma had come over to visit us and play with the boys. We had so much fun just chilling out, playing in the garden, in and out of the paddling pool and drawing on a massive roll of paper on a picnic blanket. It was a great day.

And any of the wonderful days we have spent at my parents house especially bbq’s in their back garden in the summer. There have been so many great days spent with my family that I can’t chose one, although the family rounder’s day this year was a favourite.

Looking forward to many, many more great days in 2010.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you and your lovely family. Love Helen W

Mum with carrot in her hair said...

What a lovely post and two very cute babies. Happy New Year and hope the room share is working out.

Anonymous said...

Reading your post brought back lovely memories. I am looking forward to many more picnics on the beach and family bbq's during 2010.
Love Caroline (Emily's Mum) X