Monday, 28 September 2009

Family pic-nic and rounders day 2009


  On Sunday we had our annual family day which tends to mark the end of summer and this year the weather was sensational, it really felt like a perfect summer day. The day was held in a lovely little village just outside of Henley. We set up camp in the playing fields that overlook the village and a field full of cows, which endlessly entertained Harry. A wonderful pic-nic lunch was consumed with plenty of Pimms, thanks to Nanny Johnson for all the food, the quiche was especially good. Rounders followed lunch, a competitive affair but lots of fun and plenty of 'the sun got in my eyes' dropped catch excuses!

A fantasic day was had by all, everyone was thoroughly exhausted from the activities, but now we are all ready for Autunm to begin.

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