Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The sign of a good day ...

... is a very messy house at the end of the day.

Today was a good day x

Monday, 28 September 2009

Family pic-nic and rounders day 2009


  On Sunday we had our annual family day which tends to mark the end of summer and this year the weather was sensational, it really felt like a perfect summer day. The day was held in a lovely little village just outside of Henley. We set up camp in the playing fields that overlook the village and a field full of cows, which endlessly entertained Harry. A wonderful pic-nic lunch was consumed with plenty of Pimms, thanks to Nanny Johnson for all the food, the quiche was especially good. Rounders followed lunch, a competitive affair but lots of fun and plenty of 'the sun got in my eyes' dropped catch excuses!

A fantasic day was had by all, everyone was thoroughly exhausted from the activities, but now we are all ready for Autunm to begin.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Toddlers Aghh!!

Harry totally engrossed in watching his beloved Cars dvd (he is even cluching the dvd case) and of course wearing his wellies.

Last night while mindlessly browsing the internet I came across a blog called 'Lindsays Adventures' about a Mum, her toddler and new baby in New York, one posting stood out for me, being  'you just cant reason with a toddler'. The similarity between Lindsay's son and my Harry were amazing! It just shows you that toddlers are the same the world over.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dear Oliver

Happy 12 Week Birthday

We love you!
Well done for being so brave for your immunisations and check up today, you now weigh 14lbs 5oz

A Day with my Mum

Dear Mum
Thank you for coming to spend the day with the boys and me, we have all had a lovely day. Really enjoyed our time chatting and cooking while the boys were napping, Harry ate every last bit of the pasta you made him and asked for more.
I really appreciate your patience in listening to me while I go on and on about my babies and ask you millions of questions as to what you would do, thanks for all your advice, it always helps me.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Harry and William (The tale of two Princes)

Once upon a time there were two Princes who had a very busy afternoon of activities ahead of them.....

They started off the afternoon, as is the way in polite Princely society, with a chat over cakes in the garden.

                                                       {William and Harry}

Then it was on to the important task of collecting up all the fallen (and some not fallen!) leaves in the dumper truck, before some intrepid bug hunting, capture and inspection.

After completing these outdoor pursuits it was time to move indoors for a spot of craft time. The Princes spent time colouring and then decorating Elmers with coloured patches.

Finally, after a busy afternoon the Princes sat down for a banquet of spag bol and yoghurts.

Much mess was made whilst having all this fun, but the two Mummies are always there to tidy up after, thats why it's great being a Prince!


Monday, 21 September 2009

My gorgeous baby

Carrying Ollie all snuggly in the baby bjorn is one of my favouite things at the moment. He is so cute, I love this photo!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Grandad Walker came to visit

Today Lukes Dad, Norman came over from the States for a visit. He lives in Florida with his wife Sereena and comes back every few months on business and of course to see us. Harry always has a great time, playing football and chasing Grandad around the garden and today was no exception, they went crazy together.

Unfortunately Sereena could not accompany him on this trip as she had to stay behind to carrying on working on her second recipe book. She is a fantastic Indian cook and already has one recipe book out that is sold with a spice tin containing all the spices you need for the dishes, it's amazing food as I have been lucky enough to taste most of it myself over the years, you can see it all at Flavours and Spices.

Grandad also arrived with a big bag of goodies for us, lots of Ralph Lauren clothes for Luke and the boys, including the cutest little one-zee for Ollie. Plus some gorgeous bowls from Anthropologie, my favourite store - Thank you Grandad x

After a very action packed visit I think both Harry and Grandad will sleep well tonight.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Photo of the week

This is Harry in his play house at the end of the garden, he was fascinated for ages by the tiny beetle running around the window pane. I was really pleased that I managed to capture the moment when he pointed at the beetle.

Friday, 18 September 2009

A day of wholesome fun

Today we baked cakes in our pyjamas and got really messy. This is one of Harry's favourite activities and always makes Daddy very happy when he comes home to yummy cakes too.

{ Plum, Charlie and Harry}

{Charlie and Harry}

Then we meet some of our friends for a walk in the Surrey downs. The little ones took buckets with them to collect Autumn things like leaves, acorns and dried rabbit droppings!
It has been a great friday, bring on the weekend.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My morning view

This little smiley face greets me every morning as I peer into the moses basket beside my bed. Thank you Oliver for always being so happy.

Today it rained alot!

So Harry spent most of the day playing tea parties, with guests including Buzz, Teddy, Mr Penguin and of course Baby Ollie, and I got on with some projects.

Facing the ever present challenge of using the space in my little house effectively, I have created a play area under the stairs for Harry. The tree sticker is from Lula Sapphire

I also updated our family photo wall. I try to do this every month, printing my favourite pictures and adding them into the collection. I love it because it is forever growing and changing, charting the progress of my boys.

I am very pleased with the results of todays projects, almost forgot it was such a grey and wet day.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Look what arrived in the post

These cute little handmade shoes were sent as a present for Ollie by my friend Celine.

Thank you very much, I love them x

Celine runs a sewing business called Applejuice, she makes everything from handbags and clothes to children's toys and bibs. I am sure you will see lots of her lovely creations on my blog as I am not the greatest sewer but have lots of ideas and Celine makes them a reality for me.

Holding Hands

This afternoon, after a hectic day, Harry was relaxing on his quilt watching Cars on DVD for the 798th time when is asked that Ollie lay down next to him. It was so sweet watching them together. Harry is very protective of his little brother and lay there holding his hand, half watching the film and half watching over Ollie (his baby as he likes to call him), it made me so happy to be their Mummy.

My first Blog

Welcome to my family blog!

We are (clockwise from top left) Emily, Luke, Harry (22mths) and baby Oliver (10 weeks)

I decided to start this blog for my own use as an on-line diary to record the goings on in the Walker family. I have very much enjoyed reading other family oriented blogs and therefore decided that it would be nice to share our family experiences with others who may be interested.

I hope you enjoy reading it x