Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Moving Day

Yesterday we decided it was time to move Ollie out of our room and in with Harry. This was not a spur of the moment decision; I have been discussing it with Luke, weighing up the pros and cons, and grilling every mum that I know who has children sharing a room for the last six weeks. I am really nervous about the whole process as if it does all go wrong, Ollie would have to come back in with us again as we do not have a spare room, which would be fine for now but a problem longer term. I also knew there was a good chance Harry would not be too keen on the change as last week I foolishly asked him if he would like Ollie to sleep in his room, to which he responded with a very strong 'NO, Harry room!'.

We eventually decided it was going to happen and that I should take Harry out for the afternoon while Luke did all the hard work of moving the cot beds in to position. After tea we took both boys up stairs for their bath and to show Harry the new sleep arrangements, we stood there in the doorway waiting for a reaction, he just looked that the two cots and said 'Ollie sleep there' laughed and ran off to the bathroom. This was a huge relief and so stage 1 was over and went well. After bath time we read stories as usual, the boys had warm milk and then we put them both to bed, slightly staggered, Ollie first then Harry, and to our surprise everything seemed to go well. Downstairs we sat petrified, nervous and practically in silence as we intently listening to the baby monitor, we were waiting for the inevitable but there was nothing, just silence as they both fell soundly to sleep. I spent the whole evening clutching the monitor, worrying and feeling strangely sad that my baby was to be no longer sleeping next to me.

I am however pleased to say that all went well and they slept through until 7.15 this morning without any issues.

Tonight seems to be following the same pattern and all I can hear is silence, but I am still sat here with the monitor right next to me. I am sure there will be lots of ups and downs but hopefully we have started a smooth transition, fingers crossed.


Lindsay said...

Yay! I'm glad things went so smoothly for you! We moved Caleb out of our room and into Garrett's room when he was about 2.5 months. I was really nervous to do it, especially since Garrett gets a little crazy at bedtime. But it all worked out surprisingly well, and they're sharing a room just fine. Getting them to bed is still sometimes a little dicey, so we stagger their bedtimes, too, and that seems to help. They seem to really like sharing a room, which also really surprised me. It's funny how as mothers we get worked up over things like this, and then are so surprised when things go smoothly.

Rachael said...

Glad to hear that the big move went so well! I love Harry's Alphabet poster too - very cool!

Have a nice New Year's Eve & look forward to catching up again over lunch on Friday!

Rachael x

A Modern Mother said...

Wow this brought me back! (my youngest is four so it's been a while). Glad it went well. Welcome to BMB, by the way.

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

You are such a lucky mum to have your boys sleeping through. My girls DO NOT, but it might be our fault, I don't know. We're just not tough enough...
Lovely blog!