Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Harry and William (The tale of two Princes)

Once upon a time there were two Princes who had a very busy afternoon of activities ahead of them.....

They started off the afternoon, as is the way in polite Princely society, with a chat over cakes in the garden.

                                                       {William and Harry}

Then it was on to the important task of collecting up all the fallen (and some not fallen!) leaves in the dumper truck, before some intrepid bug hunting, capture and inspection.

After completing these outdoor pursuits it was time to move indoors for a spot of craft time. The Princes spent time colouring and then decorating Elmers with coloured patches.

Finally, after a busy afternoon the Princes sat down for a banquet of spag bol and yoghurts.

Much mess was made whilst having all this fun, but the two Mummies are always there to tidy up after, thats why it's great being a Prince!


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