Sunday, 20 September 2009

Grandad Walker came to visit

Today Lukes Dad, Norman came over from the States for a visit. He lives in Florida with his wife Sereena and comes back every few months on business and of course to see us. Harry always has a great time, playing football and chasing Grandad around the garden and today was no exception, they went crazy together.

Unfortunately Sereena could not accompany him on this trip as she had to stay behind to carrying on working on her second recipe book. She is a fantastic Indian cook and already has one recipe book out that is sold with a spice tin containing all the spices you need for the dishes, it's amazing food as I have been lucky enough to taste most of it myself over the years, you can see it all at Flavours and Spices.

Grandad also arrived with a big bag of goodies for us, lots of Ralph Lauren clothes for Luke and the boys, including the cutest little one-zee for Ollie. Plus some gorgeous bowls from Anthropologie, my favourite store - Thank you Grandad x

After a very action packed visit I think both Harry and Grandad will sleep well tonight.

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