Friday, 29 January 2010

Rain and my To Do list

Harry got to try out his new umbrella this afternoon.

This week has gone soo fast, I have started to think about what extra things, on top of the normal household duties and my massive ironing pile, I would like to achieve next week.

My To Do list looks like this:

Find a baby yoga class for Ollie and me, and hopefully starting it
Make a memory frame for Ollie (I will post pictures)
Visit the two local nurseries ready for Harry in September, they get booked up so fast
Practice my new Photoshop skills
Print off some of the gazillion photos I have on my USB stick
Look for an awesome birthday present for my friends gorgeous girl who will be turning 3
Catching up with a couple of friends that I have not seen in ages
Finalise our holiday booking (very excited as we are going on holiday with all my family)

I think that is enough for one week

Happy weekend x

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