Monday, 18 January 2010

Highlight of the weekend

Date Night

On Saturday night Luke took me out for a date, it was a fantastic evening, dinner and then the cinema. This is something we said that we are going to try and do more of this year.

We saw Avatar in 3D and it was awesome, you must, must go and see it in 3D. This was not Luke's film of choice but I really wanted to see it so he went along to keep me happy, and now is really glad he did as he loved it too.

You have to wear these really geeky looking glasses, which is hilarious. It looks a bit like the entire cinema audience is at a 'Blues Brothers' convention.

(Geek Chic - taken on Luke's phone)


Michelle said...

They could almost pass for trendy large-frames! I think you pull the look off well. Mich x

Emily W said...

I think you are just being kind, but thank you x