Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Yesterday afternoon I decided to try and teach Harry his colours. This is something I have been trying to do for a while but recently I had started to get a little concerned that all his friends knew all the colours but Harry still said the first colour that comes into his head or if in doubt yellow is his normal reply (I know we shouldn’t compare our children but it is hard not to sometimes). Anyway while Harry was napping I set out little groups of the same coloured things, got out some drawing pens in those colour and play-doh, thinking we would have a fun afternoon of learning and playing?

However, this was not to be as Harry was not at all interested in learning the colours; he just wanted to play with the strange array of toys out on the floor. It was all a little frustrating as I was saying ‘look this bus and this block are both RED’ and he was off making noises and waving a helicopter above his head. Then we moved on to the drawing ‘look a RED pen’ but Harry wanted all the pens to draw multi coloured trucks. In the end I got out his car garage and road mat and just let him play and I had a chat on the phone with my mum instead who reminded me of how precious these years are at home and that I should enjoy them. She also told me (in a way that only mum’s can) that I need to stop comparing him with other children, they all develop at different rates and they all get there in the end. It is better, she said, that he is happy and contented rather than knowing that Mummies flowers are yellow. Mum is of course right, so I decided to chill out about it a bit and just play with Harry as normal.

At breakfast this morning, as if by magic, Harry said ‘look mummy Ollie’s bowl, green’ and it was green, then I asked what colour his beaker was ‘its blue’ he said, and it was, so apparently something went in!


Lindsay said...

I'm always surprised by what Garrett seems to soak in. Your mom is very right, but then, so are you: children do grow differently, and it doesn't help anyone to compare them, but at the same time, it's still hard not to. When I see Garrett, who can still hardly put two words together, up against his chattering peers, it's hard for me to not get a little sad that he still can't talk like a normal child his age. But it will come. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Emily W said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, I will keep reminding my self. I must also remember how our little boys are special in their own ways and most importantly they are happy.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that my flashcard gift is being used (even if my little Godson prefers the helicopter!)

Something to cheer you up:

Don't be BLUE that Harry isn't interested in boring old flashcards and the like. Don't be GREEN with envy that other children are getting colours sooner. Don't see RED and give up, just look at him playing with his bright YELLOW beetle car with a smile on his face and be thankful that you made that beautiful little boy so happy! x x

Emily W said...

Awesome!!! Love you Godmother x x