Tuesday, 26 January 2010

But I do completely love Charlie and Lola

Harry’s latest obsession is Charlie and Lola, watching them, reading the books, drawing them....

In case you are not familiar with Charlie and Lola here is one of Harry’s favourite episodes, Lucky, Lucky Me! (Isn’t YouTube Great?)

At a toddler group this week, when talking to another mother, I mentioned Harry’s current love for Charlie and Lola and was totally shocked by her response. She was horrified that I would allow Harry to watch this programme because of its ‘terrible use of the English language’, and how she would ‘never allow her daughter to watch it!’ How funny is that? It is a children’s cartoon for goodness sake.

This evening before bath time we all sat on the sofa together, watched two episodes of Charlie and Lola and laughed out loud!


Lindsay said...

That is a darling show! Garrett and I watched "Lucky Lucky Me" together and we both loved it. It's too bad it doesn't come on TV here, but, like you said, YouTube is great. :)

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Charlie and Lola is a wonderful, childish show. It's not meant to portray perfect English. It's how Lola speaks...
We discovered it a few years ago and have been hooked.
Esp since I grew up in England...it reminds me of when I was little.