Friday, 11 December 2009

So glad it's Friday

This week has been the kind of week that would test even the most patient mummy. Harry has been somewhat testing to say the least with his current favourite words being 'I want it' and 'NO!'. So we have had more quiet time at home as the thought of toddler groups or visiting friends are not very appealing when you have to bring the little menace with you. However, to make the best of a bad situation I have been keeping him calm and entertained with some christmas craft activities, making cards, gift tags and decorations. Salt dough hearts to hang on the tree have been the best so far and it is so cheap to make you can make loads and loads of little shapes and will keep you busy all afternoon.

We found that 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt and 1 cup cold water resulted in the best mixture. Create your shapes then put them on baking paper in a very hot oven or microwave until they harden, if you use the oven place a sheet of silver foil over the top and this will help them harden but not bake too brown.

Given Harrys current 'frame of mind' I dont think I will be using my precious decorations on the tree, instead it will probably be just fairylights and lots and lots of salt dough shapes.

14 days to go!

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