Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Little Donkey

(Harry is  wearing a grey outfit and a crown with a donkey face drawn on it)

We had a lovely Christmassy afternoon at Harry's nursery nativity today were he played the important role of the donkey. It was all very chaotic with children dressed as farm animals running about throwing the hay from the manger at each other, a little sheep that danced around the stage for the entire nativity and a couple of crying cows but it was all very sweet. Especially when they sang twinkle, twinkle little star complete with all the actions, something Harry had been showing us for the last couple of weeks. After that it all become abit too much for Harry and he started to cry for his muzzy so I had to make a quick entrance on to the stage and he watched the rest from my lap at the back of the hall. It was the perfect start to December.

 Plus our neighbour has put up their Christmas lights which look fantastic and include a big flashing sign that counts down the days till Christmas ... 24 days to go!

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