Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

                                                                                  Fireworks by Harry

A funny story from today
(only funny now hours after the event as I sit here warm and cosy with a cup of tea)

This afternoon we went to Wisley Gardens for a walk with some friends, Harry wore his new frog wellies ready to jump in all the puddles he could find. Everything was going well, the kids were running about together, all of them jumping and splashing in puddles when we went to feed the ducks. They all stood at the waters edge, which has a gentle slope down into the pond, throwing in bread. Harry being Harry kept on going a bit too close and splashing in the shallow water. 'Big puddle Mummy' he kept on saying and I kept on saying 'Harry get back' and 'Harry away from the edge', Harry, Harry, Harry!! eventually I pulled him away. Then while I was distracted by Ollie, Harry made a break for the 'big puddle' and yes you guessed it, Splash!!! Harry was in up to his armpits and I then had to step in to grab him out of the freezing cold duck pond. One very wet toddler and one very wet, embarassed Mummy! At first all I could do was laugh as Harry just stood there stunned, then I got really cross with him.Why is it always my child that does these things? On the drive home I called Luke to tell him what had happened, after checking we were ok he found it all very funny! This was not helping me, so I called my Mum and after a good moan she made me feel better. Harry would not be Harry with out these little adventures and really we do love him for it, he is such an active and spirited little boy. This will be one of those stories we will tell him about when he is older and we will all laugh!

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