Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Camp Walker

It was a cold, wet and grey day, so after our usual Tuesday morning toddler group we came home for an afternoon indoors. We turned up the heating, got all cosy and I made Harry a little den (a massive quilt drapped over two chairs with his play matt and cushions inside), something I loved to to with my brothers as a child and Harry loved it to. We read books, did some drawing, played with cars and even ate 'cookie biscuits' (as Harry calls them) inside his den, it was great.

Harry also helped me bake Luke a tea cake. This is a recipe from my Mum and it is the easiest cake ever to make and sooo tasty. 

Soak 150g raisins and 50g of sugar together with a lage cup of tea. Add 1 egg and 300g SR flour. Mix all ingredients together, place in a lined loaf tin and sprinkle with brown sugar and bake at 170 for about 40mins. Enjoy x

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