Monday, 19 October 2009

We are in quarantine

Poor Harry developed Chickenpox at the end of last week so we have had to stay in for a while. He has been a very brave boy and has only had one broken nights sleep, which I am very happy about. We are really hoping that Ollie does not get it as he is so young but keeping them apart is impossible especially as last week we started playing kiss chase and Ollie cant get away!
At first I was dreading being stuck home with a 2 year old and a 15week old but the slower pace has been really quite fun. There is no rush to get out of our pyjamas in the morning, we can take our time over breakfast and we have done other things we don't always get time to do together. We have been very industrious with our time by making things together like bread, cakes, leaf prints and rubbings, however given that he is poorly and Mummy cannot keep up the pace of wholesome entertainment all day (I am good, but not that good!) we have also had copious amounts of Peppa Pig watching and of course Cars for about the zillionth time. Whilst Peppa has been on I have had some time to prepare for Harry's birthday including making the decorations for his cake (I am going for a bug and bee theme). On Sunday Harry turns 2 so he should be feeling better by then but unfortunately he will still be all spotty for his photos, I will post them anyway.

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