Friday, 2 October 2009

My Pregnancy thoughts - written by my Mum

After telling my Mum about the Designmom postings on pregnancy thoughts and my own posting (see previous) I suggested it would be nice if Mum could write her own and she was more than happy to.
Thanks Mum

Winter 1979 pregnant with Emily

I am a very happy Mum of four children, one daughter and three sons all of whom were very much wanted. During each pregnancy I could not believe the love I had for each of those unborn babies. I would cradle my bump in my arms and just long for the time I would meet them. Trying to imagine who they would look like the most. I loved being pregnant even through those months of feeling constantly sick, one of which the sickness lasted 9 months. With each of the boys, before they were born, I bought new blue rompers so strong was the feeling of a little boy growing within me. My first child was my beautiful daughter Emily, how I longed for a girl and sure enough my dreams came true. Nothing compares to the feeling of your baby kicking, trying to distinguish whether you could feel a little foot or a hand or even an elbow, gently singing or quietly talking those moments are truly special just you and your bump and feeling so safe.

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