Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Pregnancy thoughts - By Luke Walker

Well, Emily has had her say, and my mother-in-law has given you her thoughts (Postings dated 1st and 2nd October), so thought I might proffer some thoughts of my own on the matter.

Where to start, where to start? At the beginning I guess. 1st time around we were living in Australia and it all came as a bit of a surprise, but an extremely happy and exciting surprise. I recall sitting in the lounge in front of the TV relaxing when Emily came skipping in to the room all excited somewhat like an excited little puppy, all bouncy and full of energy. I knew something big was afoot but at this stage I was unsure whether it was that she had found some awesome new trinket from the antique shops she had a passion for perusing, or whether there was a lovely new handbag that she had seen and was about to set about persuading me of the benefits it would bring to her life should she be bought said item, these were the sorts of things that until now would elicit this type of joy in Emily’s life. It was probably a good job that I was sitting down when she told me because I was completely hit for six when Em uttered those words that I now know would change my life for ever and forever for the good. Emily blurted out ‘I’m pregnant!’, I just laughed and we hugged, there was no way I could be anything but ecstatic about the news and the sheer enthusiasm and joy that it brought out in Emily. She is a very fun, happy and positive person all the time anyway, but it was like somebody had given her a whole bunch of sugary sweets or something, she was like hyper happy and I thought ‘well, if this is what I can expect, then having babies is going to be a joy!’.

Now, the question is, what did I actually get? Was it a joy or was it something else?

Truth is, it was definitely a joy, and any tough times during this amazing journey were soon forgotten with each new phase and each new discovery. The sickness that Emily experienced is one surprise I could have lived without, that was definitely a tough few months. Whoever coined the phrase ‘morning sickness’ was a liar, the sickness was all day every day for 14 weeks (16 weeks second time around). However, when it finally stopped I got my Emily back, glowing, happy and with a bigger spending habit than ever now that she was spending for 2!!

For my part it was clear I had a lot to learn in the 9 months ahead, and like a true bloke I started reading the ‘manuals’!, but nothing can ever really prepare you for all the 1st’s that are heading your way as a new parent. Watching the first scan pictures, feeling the baby kick for the first time, seeing an arm or leg pushing out Emily’s tummy, all these 1st’s are like nothing else imaginable, really jaw dropping stuff. Talking to the bump I am sure I looked like a total mad man, lounging around having one way conversations with my wife’s tummy, but hey, the ‘manuals’ says they can hear you and distinguish your voice, so I was doing it don’t you worry about that!.

I love Emily always, no question about that, but when she is with baby it is like the bond strengthens even further. I think it is a wonderful 9 months and what an end result you receive. Getting to meet your up until now silent friend and enjoy the baby smell that people have spoken to you about is just wonderful, and the innate connection you have with your baby is a beautiful thing. It is fair to say that I love being a Dad and I have to say that I love the journey of getting there. It was amazing the first time around and wonderfully different, yet equally fantastic, the second time around. If we are lucky enough to experience it all for a third time in the future or even more, I will totally look forward to the experience even though it will most likely mean that I will have to start robbing banks to fund our growing baby habit!.

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